LepideAuditor Suite – Exchange Server

Last Updated on 24 Sept. 2015, Company: Lepide Software

Auditing IT changes is not just an option, but a necessity. It not only helps you in staying complaint to regulations, but also ensures IT environment’s security. Exchange Server is widely deployed as enabler of enterprise communication, but is a bit complex to maintain and audit, given the various facets that it has. As an IT manager, if you can manage these requirements, the server’s security and department’s compliance will not be an issue. Every day we see employees sending and receiving emails as part of their work. One wrong setting can bring this communication to halt disrupting the workflows. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that server is properly configured and healthy.

LepideAuditor centrally tracks Exchange-related changes to both Active Directory objects like Mailboxes, Contacts, and Distribution Lists, and also Exchange-specific objects like Storage Groups, Policies, and Mailbox Databases etc. Its other key features are mailbox access auditing, dashboards for at a glance reporting, real-time alerting, and Exchange health monitoring.

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