Lepide Exchange Reporter

Last Updated on 30 Sept. 2014, Company: Lepide Software

Exchange maintenance and security is of utmost importance for continuous communication and data flow. Lepide Exchange Reporter (LER) helps achieve this target by scanning logs from Message Tracking Logs, IIS Logs, Information Store and Exchange Transaction Logs. It tracks, analyzes and reports data on multiple Exchange servers and presents them through an easy to manage GUI.

LER generates over 80+ reports on Email flow, Mailbox folders, OWA access and Usage reports. It helps to access and view reports on a scheduled basis or on-demand based on Mailbox traffic, Mailbox content, Mailbox delivery, Server traffic, Public folders, Storage and email flow. Also reports can be viewed based on Users, Senders, Receivers, data-wise and size-wise.

LER maintains a complete record of all scheduled scan and scheduled reports. User based scheduling, multiple report export options, granular data filtering and multiple server allows to keep a constant eye on entire email communication system.

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