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  1. Smart Information Server

    Acaveo provides intuitive software to empower organizations with an actionable understanding over their data. Its flagship product, Smart Information Server, assists IT, legal or security teams to analyze, manage and govern large, diverse volumes of live, unstructured data across multiple on-premise and cloud-based data stores. Acaveo's simple yet powerful controls easily analyze data and permissions in Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft... Read More

  2. Report Attender

    Report Attender is a data analysis tool designed to help organizations answer critical questions about the content, age, size, and importance of electronically stored information. This stand-alone application gathers and distills important details to identify the items that are stored in your network shares and email servers. Summary reports, drill down views, vibrant charts, and custom options provided by Report... Read More

  3. Mimecast Unified Email Management platform

    The Mimecast Unified Email Management platform is the only end-to-end unified solution for email management in the cloud - a fully SaaS-based solution that covers archiving, discovery, business continuity, security and policy management. Mimecast bridges the gap between SaaS email archiving and on-premise solutions with the introduction of MSE (Mimecast Services for Exchange). This is a lightweight software component which... Read More

  4. MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & E-Discovery Suite for Exchange

    MessageSolution offers both in-house and Software as a Service (SaaS) archiving solutions. MessageSolution's Email, SharePoint, & file system archiving solutions help enterprises, non-profit organizations, and government agencies comply with industry regulations, meet legal discovery demands, protect corporate intelligence, and reduce email storage requirements. Installed online worldwide, no 3rd party database software configuration or maintenance, no SQL or Database workload needed... Read More

  5. AXS-One Compliance Platform

    he AXS-One Compliance Platform gives organizations the underlying architecture to ensure the integrity, security, privacy and retention of all electronic records, not just e-mail, are managed according to internal policies and regulations. Furthermore, from a single interface, all records such as e-mail, instant messages, desktop documents, SAP data, and system reports can be searched, reviewed and produced to meet a... Read More

  6. ManageEngine MailArchiver Plus

    ManageEngine MailArchiver Plus is a 24X7, real-time email archiving software for archiving emails from Exchange Server. It helps in email compliance by archiving emails from the Microsoft Exchange Journal and helps in complying with government regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, etc. It can also archive Outlook PST files. Its search mechanism and reporting capabilities help in retrieving the necessary... Read More

  7. Hexamail Vault

    Hexamail Vault provides a centralized automatic email archiving solution. Efficient full-text indexing and compression algorithms ensure that scalable and high performance email archive is generated automatically. Hexamail's email archive software leverages indexing and compression technology to create a compact index of email data. Inferior solutions often simply push emails to relational databases or worse, file systems. Such systems suffer from... Read More

  8. Paraben's Network E-mail Examiner

    With Network E-mail Examiner, you can now thoroughly examine a variety of network e-mail archives. No longer will you have to be stuck in a long and painstaking restore process. View one or all individual e-mail accounts in information store. Supports Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, and 2000 (.EDB), Lotus Notes 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 (.NSF), & GroupWise up to v6.5.1. Export... Read More

  9. EED Discovery - Corporations

    This system sits atop Corporate Enterprises, extracting data from various data source, email, files, desktops, archives, HR systems, Document Management systems, etc. and processing it for litigation. With a single system, you can now reach into any enabled enterprise data source to collect, process, review, host, and produce electronic data for litigation, regulatory compliance and Sarbanes-Oxley management. Features include: Extracts... Read More

  10. EEA DataDiscovery

    MessageSolution EEA DataDiscovery automates the capturing, indexing, storing, searching and retrieving the email data information at a centralized platform. It allows each corporate employee to find the archived email data online without geographic limitation. EEA DataDiscovery, works with EEA Compliance, EEA StorageVault, and with other EEA Modules, forms a litigation support for the corporate counsels and the corporate compliance officers... Read More

  11. Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange

    Recovery Manager helps you retrieve message-level data in minutes, not hours, by enabling you to visually zero in on specific content. You can retrieve items from particular mailboxes and perform fast searches based on sender, recipient, date, subject, or keyword. Recovery Manager improves productivity by enabling organizations to find and retrieve data from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly backups to... Read More

  12. EnCase Enterprise

    Business-driven organizations need an investigative infrastructure that allows investigations to be conducted over the wire and that scales and adapts to the size and complexity of network-based investigations. EnCase Enterprise is the foundation for your investigative solution. EnCase Enterprise software is a network-enabled, multiplatform, enterprise investigation solution that reduces cost and improves the effectiveness of information security professionals, computer incident... Read More

  13. EmailXtender

    EmailXtender is a system for retaining and managing email as a record of business. With EmailXtender, an organization's messages are captured in realtime, fully indexed, and migrated from the message server to a centralized archive. EmailXtender enables compliance with record retention regulations and reduces the cost and risk of legal discovery. EmailXtender delivers scalability to users, supports heterogeneous platforms, and... Read More

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