EED Discovery - Corporations

Last Updated on 29 March 2006, Company: Electronic Evidence Discovery

This system sits atop Corporate Enterprises, extracting data from various data source, email, files, desktops, archives, HR systems, Document Management systems, etc. and processing it for litigation. With a single system, you can now reach into any enabled enterprise data source to collect, process, review, host, and produce electronic data for litigation, regulatory compliance and Sarbanes-Oxley management.

Features include: Extracts data from any source; Internally process electronic discovery projects end-to-end, without involving outside vendors; Review entire production histories; Review data in native format -- enabling review of actual edocuments rather than images; Automate collection by reaching into data stores throughout the enterprise; Process Exchange files, Notes files and other file types; Collaboratively host, review, and share data across multiple locations through your corporate network or Internet; Produce single or multi-page TIFFs and PDFs; Batch print onsite; Foreign language support

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