SonaVault 5.0 eDiscovery and Email Archiving Software Solution

Last Updated on 30 Sept. 2016, Company: Sonasoft Corporation

SonaVault 5.0 delivers fast eDiscovery production and achieves compliance to most regulatory compliance requirements, e.g. FINRA, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, Basel II, SEC, FISMA, and FOIA.
Admins have the flexibility to search by Boolean, keywords, date, phrases, forms of, and near searches. SonaVault 5.0 also has an intuitive query builder to ensure that all searches are complete. SonaVault indexes all elements of each email including attachments to achieve full compliance.
SonaVault 5.0’s eDiscovery searches remain fast over the life of the archive. Microsoft SQL Server is the engine within SonaVault. SQL Server automatically allows the archive to be split into small data stores. This database management allows each data store to be simultaneously searched. No matter how many mailboxes or the size of the archive, SonaVault searches remain fast and can produce up to 100,000 emails in less than five seconds. SonaVault also supports WORM drive export.
SonaVault 5.0’s eDiscovery innovation allows for granular access to the archived public folders. This allows for compliance while keeping sensitive email out of reach. SonaVault’s exclusion list feature prevents protected email, such as client-attorney privileges, from being exported. SonaVault 5.0 allows for collaboration and content sampling. It also can alert for key words, which can prevent legal exposure. SonaVault’s intuitive interface and Outlook-like folder structure view ensure a high adoption rate. Set up takes less than an hour with no downtime to the Exchange Server.

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