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Office 365 Tools

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    Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365

    Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 is the premier cloud service for centrally managing and controlling Microsoft Office 365 email signatures. With Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365, all email is guaranteed to get a full, dynamic and professional email signature when sent from any device, including Macs and mobiles. With a wide choice of professionally designed email... Read More

  2. Mailscape 365

    Mailscape365 was developed in 2012 and incorporates several years of real world experience from companies like Facebook, Hill & Knowlton and Baltimore City Public Schools. It was the first product to support Hybrid environments and is the only product on the market that automatically and continually verifies that all key components of a Hybrid deployment (Networking, ADFS, DirSync, AAD Sync,... Read More

  3. PROMODAG Reports for Exchange

    Promodag Reports now supports Office 365, Hybrid and On-Premises environments. It provides you with control of your messaging systems whether it is in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid. Its comprehensive and versatile range of traffic analysis, message tracking and planning tools simplify and automate the process of managing email usage, ensuring compliance and optimizing the performance of mission-critical email systems... Read More

  4. Proxy Manager

    Proxy Manager lets you send emails from Outlook using any alias (proxy) SMTP address with an arbitrary display name from your Exchange account, hosted or on-premises. There are no server components, everything is done on the client side - just install Proxy Manager, and you are ready to go. Select the address to send from and click the Send button... Read More

  5. Exclaimer Signature Manager Office 365 Edition

    Exclaimer Signature Manager Office 365 Edition lets an organization centrally design and distribute email signatures to all staff members using Office 365. There's no need for you to have an Exchange server and you can easily get all of your users' details from your organization's Office 365 Directory. Exclaimer Signature Manager Office 365 Edition lets an organization centrally design and... Read More

  6. Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite

    Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite provides a platform for Office 365 administrators to gather reports on SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, as well as provision Office 365 licenses. It combines modules that provide a wide range of reports that cover Exchange Online Contacts, Mailboxes, Public Folders and Groups. It also provides detailed data on Licenses applied to various users. It... Read More

  7. Knowledge Vault for Office 365

    Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based auditing, reporting and management platform that enables organizations to embrace Office 365 and file sharing services while retaining control and staying compliant with industry regulations. Knowledge Vault also reduces costs by optimizing service usage and license management... Read More

  8. Smart Information Server

    Acaveo provides intuitive software to empower organizations with an actionable understanding over their data. Its flagship product, Smart Information Server, assists IT, legal or security teams to analyze, manage and govern large, diverse volumes of live, unstructured data across multiple on-premise and cloud-based data stores. Acaveo's simple yet powerful controls easily analyze data and permissions in Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft... Read More

  9. Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365

    Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365 is an application that allows you to control your company email signatures. It automatically adds compliant, personalised and attractive email signatures to all emails - including those being sent from mobiles. These signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners that can be randomised or targeted to specific recipients. Crossware Mail Signature removes... Read More

  10. CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

    CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is a free for Office 365 subscribers mailbox migration solution, which helps users speed up the move from Microsoft Exchange Server, Small Business Server or Google Apps to Microsoft’s Cloud. Apart from an intuitive graphical interface, its main advantages over native Office 365 features include: Easy migration of public folders; Migration of emails, contacts and calendars... Read More

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