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Last Updated on 24 June 2015, Total: 19 Events

  1. The Future of Exchange On-Premise (vs. Online) and What's In It for You?

    The extensive changes and features included in Exchange 2016 are enough to keep most Exchange Administrators busy these days - and quite possibly losing sleep! Be sure to join Exchange MCM/MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck as he covers the announced changes for Exchange 2016 and what it all means for you... Read More

  2. Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365 and Gaining Control of Your Email & PSTs - Once and for All!

    Migrating to Office 365 offers many substantial benefits, but it also represents a significant undertaking. It is filled with potential landmines, particularly when it comes to managing emails and electronic information that can put the entire project at risk... Read More

  3. Virtualizing MS Exchange Without Losing Control

    Virtualization offers significant benefits, including improving availability, lowering costs, and increasing IT productivity. But IT Managers and Administrators must be confident they will still have the required functionality, security, and control before making the move to virtualize this critical piece of IT infrastructure... Read More

  4. How to Take Control of Social Media in 2015

    Social media has grown from being a curiosity to a mission-critical business application in a very short time. Unfortunately, the increased use of social media and corporate reliance on it is not always accompanied by sufficient IT oversight, sound policy management, or content control – putting companies at enormous risk... Read More

  5. Advanced Microsoft Exchange Backup and Recovery Strategies for SMBs

    Despite the rise of other communications channels like social media, email and the messaging system remain the heartbeat of almost every organization today. IT and Exchange professionals are charged with ensuring quality backups and fast recoveries of the messaging system. Yet, in smaller organizations IT must make do with less resources and can be on the hot seat if there... Read More

  6. Webinar: What Every Admin Needs to Know about eDiscovery Collections

    While the volume of compliance related requests to gather email and electronically stored information is expected to grow again in 2015, very few professionals have mastered the art of in-house eDiscovery collections... Read More

  7. Ask the Expert Webinar: MS Office 365, Azure, and More

    Join our expert panel of Exchange MVPs to benefit from their insights into Office 365, Azure and other top issues and questions facing Exchange Administrators, as obtained by a July 2014 survey of the TechGenix audience... Read More

  8. What Exchange Administrators Need to Know about Hybrid Deployments

    A recent Osterman Research survey indicates that 54% of organizations will migrate to hybrid environment over the next few years. Join Microsoft Exchange MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck for an informative discussion on how to avoid pitfalls in a hybrid environment and how to keep your system tuned and running smoothly... Read More

  9. PST Files - The Hidden Threat to Your Next Project

    PST files present a serious risk to the success of your next IT project, whether you are planning an onsite Exchange or Office 365 migration, system consolidation, desktop refresh, BYOD, or VDI project. Be sure your well-laid plans don't get derailed by your legacy PST!... Read More

  10. The Hidden Costs & Complexity of Email Management

    Are you tired of having to having to wake up at odd times of the night to manage a mish-mash of products and vendors to meet your security, compliance and storage management needs? Have you been mandated to come up with innovative ways to cut IT costs while simplifying the lives of your IT staff? Are you planning an email... Read More

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