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  1. Is Native Auditing really a choice?

    Your environment is in a constant state of change... Read More

  2. Improving IT Efficiency: Getting the Right Tool for the Job

    IT efficiency is an important factor in company productivity... Read More

  3. Choosing the best PST Migration Tool

    There are a number of competing PST Migration applications available from both Microsoft and third-party vendors. All of them are able to discover PST files and migrate these files into Exchange, and some can also migrate into Office 365, but the capabilities they offer vary considerably and it is not easy to decide which one would be best for your... Read More

  4. Choosing a PST Management Application

    There are a range of applications available from both Microsoft and third-party vendors for managing PST files. The functionality and capabilities they offer vary considerably and it can be a complex task to decide which one would be best for your particular organization... Read More

  5. The business benefits of PST Discovery and Deletion

    According to analyst firm IDC, over 99 percent of all documents are created and stored electronically and this explosive growth means that data or content creation has come to mean electronic data or content retention... Read More

  6. Does poor email management put your organisation at risk?

    Email drives the business within all organisations, whether private companies or entities in the public sector. Employees communicate via internal email, often in preference to the telephone, and inquiries and support concerns are increasingly handled via email. This creates a complicated balancing act for organisations, as they are bound by a variety of overlapping laws, acts, and regulations which both... Read More

  7. There is no such thing as retrospective compliance

    The challenge with compliance is it can only be demonstrated from the point at which it is initiated... Read More

  8. A Guide to Email Retention and UK Compliance Laws

    Eighty percent of all business communication is via email, yet a vast majority of businesses fail to understand the risks they take by not protecting the information that is being transmitted freely between employees, customers and suppliers... Read More

  9. The Business Benefits of Email Archiving

    Archiving solutions for email have been in existence for many years, and have changed dramatically since their early days. Originally designed as a means to manage specific issues with mailbox management for email servers such Microsoft Exchange, they have evolved steadily in response to changing market requirements and opportunities... Read More

  10. Is Hosted Exchange right for your business?

    This white paper and TCO calculator walks readers through the decision process of determining whether it makes more sense to keep their Exchange environment in-house or move it to the cloud... Read More

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