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Last Updated on 12 April 2017, Total: 49 White Papers

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  1. Quick Guide for Exchange Server Auditing

    This free guide provides system administrators with few quick tips on Exchange Server change auditing... Read More

  2. 8 Point Plan to Eliminate PST Files

    Microsoft Outlook PST (or personal-storage-table) files can be generated for a number of reasons. They may be the result of mailbox quotas. They may be shorthand methods for users to organize older email data... Read More

  3. A Guide to Email Retention and UK Compliance Laws

    Eighty percent of all business communication is via email, yet a vast majority of businesses fail to understand the risks they take by not protecting the information that is being transmitted freely between employees, customers and suppliers... Read More

  4. A Guide to PST Files

    How Managing PSTs will benefit your business... Read More

  5. A three step plan for migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2010

    Harnessing the powerful new features of Microsoft Exchange 2010, but without introducing additional risk, cost and complexity during the migration process- is a challenge many CIOs are about to face... Read More

  6. Editor's Pick

    Architect Your Network for a Successful Exchange 2013 Migration

    Microsoft Exchange 2013 offers new ways for your organization to support user productivity, meet security challenges, and maintain control over confidential data. Migrating to Exchange 2013, however, does present changes to your infrastructure... Read More

  7. Backing up and Restoring in a Microsoft Exchange Environment

    This white paper lays out the challenges facing Exchange administrators responsible for backing up and restoring their servers... Read More

  8. Choosing a PST Management Application

    There are a range of applications available from both Microsoft and third-party vendors for managing PST files. The functionality and capabilities they offer vary considerably and it can be a complex task to decide which one would be best for your particular organization... Read More

  9. Choosing the best PST Migration Tool

    There are a number of competing PST Migration applications available from both Microsoft and third-party vendors. All of them are able to discover PST files and migrate these files into Exchange, and some can also migrate into Office 365, but the capabilities they offer vary considerably and it is not easy to decide which one would be best for your... Read More

  10. Cyber Security Trends and Solutions for 2017

    In 2016, cyber security found itself thrust from fringe tech talk to the centre of international conversations. It was part of presidential debates, it determined elections, data breaches were frontpage news, it temporarily shut down major companies, and the world saw huge increases in both attacks and spending... Read More

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