Email Archiving & Compliance

Last Updated on 25 Nov. 2014, Total: 10 White Papers

  1. The PST File Rodeo

    This whitepaper, by noted Microsoft Exchange expert, Paul Robichaux, discusses a range of issues related to PST files... Read More

  2. Quick Guide for Exchange Server Auditing

    This free guide provides system administrators with few quick tips on Exchange Server change auditing... Read More

  3. Email Archiving: An Overview for Decision Makers

    Businesses can enjoy many legal, technical, and financial advantages by implementing an email archiving solution... Read More

  4. Why Software File Archiving is More Cost Effective than Buying More Storage Hardware

    This whitepaper will explore ways to get better visibility into the data and leverage lower tier storage to automatically free up space on expensive storage... Read More

  5. Microsoft Exchange 2010 Archiving and the Value of Third-Party Solutions

    This report explains the archiving features of Exchange 2010, assesses their benefits, and explores the role of third-party archiving vendors... Read More

  6. Waiting to Upgrade Understanding Archiving and Ediscovery Limitations in Exchange 2010

    Download this whitepaper today and learn about upgrading to Exchange 2010 and potential downsides... Read More

  7. The Concise Guide to E-discovery

    To help better prepare everyone for the rigors of the e-Discovery process, independent consultant, Michael Osterman takes a look at key e-Discovery issues... Read More

  8. Exchange 2010 Offers Compelling Reasons to Upgrade

    Exchange MVP Paul Robichaux and Sherpa Software's Technical Support Specialist Shani Mahler take a closer look at Exchange 2010... Read More

  9. Key E-Discovery Issues to Consider in 2011

    This white paper focuses on the key practices and technologies that organizations should pursue as they seek to improve their e-discovery practices and technologies... Read More

  10. Exchange Optimization

    Randy Kern from the Evaluator Group discusses how maintaining the email operational environment with consistent performance and availability is expected of IT... Read More

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